CUSAC ~ 2019. Year-in-review!

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What are Tom Campbell's Physics Experiments ? & why are they important and gaining lot's of attention?

In a nut shell Thomas Campbell claims, that we are living in a virtual reality. Tom suggests a couple of physics experiments which could clarify if our reality is actually a giant simulation. Is this man crazy or one of the greatest minds of the 21 Century?

The CUSAC Vision

The unification of science, epistemology, ontology, and Cosmology, within the context of consciousness.

The CUSAC Mission Statement

To create a center where physical, biological, and neuro scientists can effectively collaborate with consciousness researchers, philosophers, and others who could potentially contribute toward the actualization of the collective vision and mission outlined by the following statements. To fully understand and experimentally confirm the logical consequences of an information-based reality. To extend the reach of science into the realm of subjective experience, thus unifying mind and matter within an over-arching understanding of consciousness. To develop fundamental knowledge and understanding, of both the self and the evolving information system that appears to be the source of all reality, through rigorous scientific investigation of both physical reality and consciousness.

about the 2019 cusac Year-in-review live video chat

Due to a growing interest in Tom's experiments and to help promote and support CUSAC. I am planning a live video chat in December, of this year where people from around the globe can connect and meet with others to share their thoughts on CUSAC and Tom's experiments. There is a limit of 100 people that may join this video event.

The video chat will only run if there is a minimum of 50 people. I can here people asking will Tom be there? I do not know , but wouldn't that be a treat ;) , only Tom can answer that.

I can say that there will be some special guests and some very interesting people from around the globe who are very well informed about the experiments and Tom's works.

To find out more and to join the video chat planned for December, people just need to visit to register your interest.

To learn more about Tom Campbell and his events, the following links are a good place to start.

Kindest Regards

Darren J Cleaver

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