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This website is under construction, however the construction of this website is being driven by feedback from people like yourself. If you have a passion for MBT and the works of Tom Campbell, and would like to become involved in something special the My Big Toe Compendium project might just be what your looking for. More details about what the My Big Toe Compendium project is will be made public over the coming months.

Please feel free to explore this website and your feedback and involvement is key to this projects future development. I would love to here your thoughts on this website and any questions you have. Please use the contact page or drop me an email at admin(at)

In the mean time, while more information is added to this site , I welcome all visitors to this website to join the My Big Toe Compendium's live chat groups on Telegram using this link which currently has around 80 members from across the globe, talking all things MBT related. There is also the My Big Toe Compendium's Community web-page which is a new modern and feature rich discussion platform, which is being built from the ground up. The Community web-page is relevant in a time of unprecedented social interaction and is being built from the ground up by with the help of the people like yourself.

My name is Darren J Cleaver and I hope to get to a chance to chat to some of you soon!

"Not only do you have responsibility for your own growth, but as you succeed past a certain point, you also have responsibility to help others succeed. The student becomes a teacher for those who are struggling with things that the teacher has mastered -- yet he remains a student for there is always more to learn and more to give." ( Tom Campbell )

For those familiar with, and those new to My Big TOE, a short synopsis of Tom Campbell's big theory of everything highlighting why his theory is our best model of reality to date.


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